axe throwing

Hatchet House of Bemidji offers two different target systems: An end grain projected target system and a standard straight grain target system. 

End Grain

The end grain systems offer a projected electronic gaming experience such as tic tac toe and a moveable bullseye. There are five different games in total with more to come in the future.

Straight Grain

Straight grain systems are standard for regular play. Some may find straight grain targets to be a bit more challenging but find it brings out their competitive edge. This system is also used for league play.


Fun for everyone and every age group! Play as relaxed or intense as you’d like. Push the pucks down the table. Bring out your competitive side by trying to knock off your opponents or ease the puck down the table to gain points.


Also known as table soccer, this game is fun for beginners or seasoned players. Meet your buds here for a quick game to get amped up for throwing Axes!

Tiki Toss Tabletop

This simple ring on a string will test you! Grab it, swing it, and try to catch the hook all while sitting at the comfort of your table. 2 or 4 player options are available. This game is free.

Bean Bags

Everyone’s favorite! Play indoors or out-wherever you find room. This social activity passes the time and gets your arms swinging. This game is free.

Giant Jenga

A timeless classic to get everyone involved. This game will keep you entertained and laughing while trying not to bring down the stack! This game is free.